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Turnkey Medicare Solutions is a collaboration between Providus Financial Services, Growing Past Sixty5, and 318 Insurance Services. Having experience in Life Health and Property and Casualty Insurance agent management we recognized a gap in services that many agencies are missing out on; many times because the agencies that primarily focus on P&C either don’t understand Medicare products or feel that they don’t have time to services these needs. Our mission at Turnkey Medicare Solutions is to have a turnkey system to bring all aspects of integrating Medicare Plans into agency processes… easily!
From contracting, training, completing, and submitting enrollments, servicing, marketing, and even prospecting (if needed) our streamlined platform is truly a “Turnkey Medicare Solution.” Contact us today to discuss opportunities for your agency to offer more solutions for your customers and generate more revenue.

5 Reasons to add

Medicare Services

To Your Portfolio

#1) Many of your current policy holders NEED it – offering this additional service adds VALUE and keeps customers from doing business with a stranger or over the phone
#2) Increases agency retention
#3) 80 Million Americans will turn 65 in the next 20 years
#4) Requires very little service work
#5) Consistent revenue for your agency – excellent 1st year commission and lifetime renewals

Medicare 101


Part A


Part B


Part C


Part D



Two Types of Plans




Traditional way to cover medicare deductibles, copays, and co-insurance. No medical underwriting when Medicare starts or in other special circumstances. Pays 18-24% commission years 1-7.




Medicare benefits are administered by a Private company. No medical underwriting. Most plans have $0 premiums. $611 commission for new enrollment in 2024. $306 renewal. 100% vested day 1.


TurnKey Medicare Solutions

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